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Anxiety can manifest in a wide variety of ways. Healthy, useful anxiety is what motivates us to study for tests, pay our taxes and put money into a savings account. Healthy anxiety works to give us an early warning and the energy to prevent a future unwanted event. When it goes awry, anxiety itself is the unwanted event. It can paralyze our efforts, undermine our confidence, make us fearful of mundane events and objects and even cause unwanted physical effects. At its worst, anxiety is the fuel behind panic attacks, which are debilitating surges of pure terror. We have all experienced physical sensations of anxiety that can be caused by an uncomfortable situation. Your heart may beat rapidly, you may experience butterflies in your stomach or clammy palms before a presentation or difficult exam. However, if worries or fears prevent you from following through on tasks, whether it's asking a boss for a raise or traveling by plane, help is available.

There are some clear ways to know if you have an anxiety disorder and could benefit from treatment. These include but are not limited to

  • Excessive worry or preoccupation
  • Awareness that your fears are irrational
  • Avoiding situations that make you anxious
  • Anticipating the worst
  • Anxiety interferes with work, family or relationships

Emotional Symptoms might include:

Irritability Feeling Tense
Restlessness Difficulty Concentrating
Thoughts are racing or mind goes blank

Physical Symptoms might include:

Pounding heart Headaches
Sweating Muscle Tension
Shortness of Breath Insomnia
Stomach Upset Tremors or Twitching

Sometimes individuals suffering from anxiety disorders can also feel depressed. Feeling trapped by anxiety can be lonely and isolating. Fortunately, much is now understood about the ways that anxiety can go from ally to saboteur. Our therapists have many tools to help you get relief from fear, worry, nervousness and panic. In most cases, these tools can quickly alleviate symptoms and lead to lasting understanding and personal changes.