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Mind Body Psychotherapy

The Hakomi Method is one form of mind/body psychotherapies. The Hakomi Method combines mindfulness, body-centered therapies and compassion to create a highly effective psychotherapy to heal past wounds. . 

First created in the late 1970’s, The Hakomi Method was created by internationally renowned therapist and author Ron Kurtz. In 1981, Ron, together with a core group of therapists and educators fully developed the Hakomi Method and began trainings around the world. 

The Institute for Change’s Brenda Forte completed her training in 1990 with Greg Johanson, one of the founding members in the development of the Method. Brenda has successfully incorporated the Hakomi Method into her practice and has helped people change negative patterns, beliefs and perceptions of memories. With this method of psychotherapy, an individual will become aware of how their body connects with emotions. Connecting the mind, body and spirit is the essence of Hakomi in order to heal past wounds.