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Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing is a relatively new and powerful method of psychotherapy. Developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro in 1987, EMDR was initially used to treat victims of trauma. Since that time, scientific research has established EMDR as effective for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) … more

Internal Family Systems

Developed by Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., Internal Family Systems provides unique tools for dealing with internal conflicts, persistent self-limiting habits, relationship issues, and other sources of distress … more

Mind Body Psychotherapy

The Hakomi Method is one form of mind/body psychotherapies. The Hakomi Method combines mindfulness, body-centered therapies and compassion to create a highly effective psychotherapy to heal past wounds … more

Substance Abuse Counseling

Addiction is a vicious cycle. It can begin as a coping technique to relax, be social, fall asleep or avoid uncomfortable or painful feelings. As time goes on, habits can develop without the individual being aware. For example, the individual who might have a glass of wine with dinner is then drinking half a bottle … more


Traumatic experiences can leave an individual with upsetting emotions, nightmares, frightening memories, or a constant sense of danger. Feeling numb or disconnected can also be an aftereffect of an intensely disturbing experience … more


Abuse can take various forms and affect a variety of people. Abuse can be physical, verbal or emotional and it can harm children, adults, the elderly or an entire group of individuals. Abuse occurs when an individual or group is mistreated through physical force, manipulation, control or neglect … more


We all experience changes in our mood. Situations can prompt us to feel sad or overwhelmed when we've had a loss, struggle, or setback. Feeling sad or temporarily feeling 'blue' is a normal part of life. When you begin feeling 'blue' or sad more times than not … more

Grief and Loss

Most of us think of grief as a response to losing a loved one. Grief can come on after a shocking loss, or with a loss that you are aware will eventually occur, as with a terminal illness … more

Play Therapy

Play Therapy utilizes children’s natural use of symbols and fantasies inherent in their play to address emotional and psychological concerns. When a pattern of difficulty emerges and begins to interfere with a child’s development, the play therapist is able to create a window into the child’s inner world … more

School Difficulties

Our clinicians are experienced in the treatment of the following forms of school issues: Social Skills Deficits, ADHD/ADD, Peer Acceptance, Truancy, Test Anxiety, School Avoidance (sometimes called School Phobia) … more

Children’s Behavioral Issues

Children struggle with conflicts, both within themselves and with others, differently than do adults. They have fewer psychological resources, less control over their lives, and less ability to control their reactions … more


ADD/ADHD affects approximately 3-7% of people in this country and around the world. Common symptoms include: Often fails to pay close attention to details or makes careless mistakes, Has difficulty sustaining attention, Does not seem to listen when spoken to directly … more


Anxiety can manifest in a wide variety of ways. Healthy, useful anxiety is what motivates us to study for tests, pay our taxes and put money into a savings account … more

Fears and Phobias

By definition a phobia is a fear that goes beyond a sense of reason. Individuals may know that their fear is unrealistic or that others in the same situation do not experience the same dread, but this does little to quell the intensity of their emotions … more


If your child is bullied by peers you are likely to feel a wide range of emotions: powerlessness to protect your child… anger at those who bully and perhaps anger with their parents as well…and maybe frustration with your child’s school if the authorities there have been ineffective in helping your son or daughter … more

Adult Bullying

Research has shown that on average, 20% of adults will experience some form of bullying at the work place. For those who are employed it can mean spending 25 - 60 hours in a hostile work environment. Bullying is different than conflict or constructive criticism … more

Parenting Guidance

In addition to working directly with children/teens, we also offer parents the opportunity to work with a child therapist to learn the most appropriate ways to handle their child’s difficulties … more

Relationship Issues

Every relationship needs time and attention to keep it healthy, vibrant and growing. When your own efforts seem to lead in circles, it’s time to work with someone who can get beyond the stuck patterns and help you move forward again … more